Deep into Autumn …

Deep into Autumn …

… and winter rapidly approaching, I’ve been making the most of the last days of summer’s beauty.  I’ve moved all the pots containing sun loving herbs and plants (one of which is a Bay Laurel .. yay finally bought one .. now I can have fresh bay leaves for my cooking 🙂 )

Please bear with me while I share some autumn images from my garden …  ‘cos soon there will be none not that many …

Bird’s claw ??  … no, water droplet hanging from a leaf reflecting upside down conifer !

Nom .. nom … nom  … nom ..  (imagine eating with no hands!)

Winter’s promise – the fragrance of sweetpeas …

5 Replies to “Deep into Autumn …”

    1. No .. you won’t want my gardener – he’s pretty useless – I do most of it except mow the lawn and weed-eat (that’s hubby’s job!) .. and you can’t have me or him !!

  1. You have a stack of fantastic photographs just waiting to be used in your Observer’s List for UCT ADU VM!!!! Now, do I think about getting a better camera or just coast along with what I have?

    / ………♥♪♫
    Love H

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