I’m back ..

I’m back ..

… after a weekend away to Somerset West to visit my Mum.  She’s the same.   As she was when I was there last time – a body so frail and small.  But I can see my Mum deep in her eyes in flashes of moments when they try to focus.  The body is not hers ….  her soul is within ..  my tears run down my cheeks ..

I’m hoping she knew I was there.  I looked deep into her eyes.  Her crippled hand reached out and touched my face.  I’m hoping she knew I was there.

Lunch time … one of the wonderful dedicated sisters feeding my Mum of fish, pureed beans and potatoes.  Mum had already had all her soup.  She finished this plateful and had a bowl of ice cream!!  She eats extremely well.   She is so very well cared for.  I am very very grateful.

Another heart wrenching visit was to the oncology clinic where my sister in law, Kathy spends many hours.  Many hours were spent receiving her chemo treatment and from now until August, receives a 3 weekly treatment of medication.  Kathy took me on a tour of the clinic – a very friendly and homely environment.  While Kathy chatted with some patients receiving their chemo, I chatted with one of the sisters.  She told me that a patient received her last chemo treatment earlier that morning and brought cupcakes to celebrate!!  As she was unhooked/unplugged or whatever it’s referred to, the patient’s daughter let off a burst of colourful streamers to celebrate as well.  The sister said some people react with a celebration of some sort when they’re finished and others can’t wait to get out not looking behind them.

Brave, courageous and strong people … I send rainbows and hope to them all

It wasn’t all sad and sombre – Kathy and I enjoyed a fundraising tea at Silver Oaks Lodge (where my Mum lives), we went out for coffees and lunches, I met up with old friends, and I wandered around in awe at my brother’s corrugated cardboard box factory which he started about 18 months ago when he was made redundant.  I visited him there soon after he started out with lots of floor space, no machines and several piles of cardboard.  He now has much less floor space, heaps of piles of cardboard boxing of all shapes and sizes and machines that cut, glue, strap and stitch!!!  I am amazed!!  I am very proud!!!  Mum and Dad would be so very proud – well done Ian !!  May you go from strength to strength xxx

I will expand on the ‘fun stuff’ in separate posts 🙂

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  1. rough times. it’s hard to tell if, what or when someone is registering what’s around. parts of the mind and body go missing; it’s unnerving. glad the day’s visit had uplifting bits too.

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