Tea with the elderly

Tea with the elderly

While I was in Somerset West visiting my Mum at Silver Oaks Lodge, Kathy and I enjoyed a fundraising tea held in the main lounge of the Old Aged Home

It’s an annual event organised by the very sparkling M, whose parents lived in the Home for a while and have since passed away, and a group of ladies from Jehovah’s Witness  …

… one of whom is a friend of Kathy’s, a very vivacious and bubbly lady !!

Each table had a hostess who brought the centrepiece, crockery, cutlery and nibblies for their respective table …

We were entertained by a trio of excellent singers who sang golden oldies and not-so-golden oldies which guests and residents knew, as they hummed or sang along quietly to themselves while tapping their fingers and feet!   Hhmm I knew the not-so-golden oldies songs and ballads well … *whispery voice here* …. I’m slowly/quickly catching up to the elderly …. sadly 🙁

I never really looked around when my Mum and I used to sit chatting in the lounge – these pretty plates were always there but I hadn’t taken note of them, if you know what I mean.  I wonder if they’re donated by residents past and/or present …

I think I’ll take one of my Mum’s plates next time I visit.   She’s been there for 6 years now … she’s earned a ‘place on the wall’

I must just add :  one of the residents who is 90 (!!) took me by the hand and said I looked familiar.  I told her that I come regularly from Johannesburg every few months to see my Mum, Sylvia.  With that she asked how she was doing and then said she remembers when my Mum was always ‘busy’, participating in everything … and  ”  her singing,”  she said, ” oh,  Sylvia had a beautiful singing voice” .  And so she did .. like an angel!

I must also add here, that this 90 year old learned to play the piano in her 80’s and would tinkle away at the piano in the lounge to the delight of the residents!!  She’s still very sharp for 90 !!!!   My Mum would often sing while she played.

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