800 !! This is my 800th post !!

800 !! This is my 800th post !!

Whoo hoo !!!   I need to go back to my first one and have a squizz .. I know it was a disaster!!  I knew nothing about downloading, editing, and all the stuff that goes with blogging !!!!   🙂  🙂

Not one photo have I taken over the weekend except for today!!!    .. and we had the three grandchildren yesterday for most of the day .. and as Jeanette’s been busy with photo shoots and Lance has been at work, we’ve had the boys several times as well .. so I’ve been busy!!!

Erin, Bradley and Connor helped me make a carrot cake yesterday  …

Bradley read the recipe out for me to measure and add all ingredients (nice having a littlie who can read !!) and Erin and Connor sieved and mixed  !!!   Connor was funny .. he kept saying the word seive backwards ..” vizz” 🙂  Verdict on cake – mmm mm  yummm!  We ate it freshly iced (cream cheese/lemon icing)  and still warm !!!

This morning Hubby went to gym very early … as usual … I sat on the garden bench with my cup of tea very early … as usual … and can’t resist having my camera at hand for moments like this …

… and this …

My constant companion waiting for the sun to rise above the trees …

A cup of golden sun ….

All taken with the 50 mm lens

4 Replies to “800 !! This is my 800th post !!”

  1. Congratulations on your 800 posts,Where did time go eh? I have always enjoyed reading them and looking at your photos. It seems you’re having fun with that new camera of yours lately eh? That cake looks absolutely delicious. Mmmmm…

  2. Happy 800. Your photography has truly grown in leaps and bounds over the 800 posts

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