Mum’s birthday today

Mum’s birthday today

Camelias in my garden for my darling Mum on her 84th birthday today

She would have appreciated them.   She used to use them for Ikebana arrangements in my home.  I will never forget when she arranged flowers .. she always fiddled with the stems, making sure they didn’t touch …  ” let the butterflies fly through .. always let the butterflies fly through” she would say

Miss you.   Love you Mommy xxx

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  1. happy Birthday to your Mum. I just got off the phone with mine. She’s going to be 79 next week. I can imagine you miss yours. Big hug. xxx

  2. Happy birthday to your mom. The pictures are beautiful and fitting. I don’t think you’ve posted your Ikebana arrangements before, have you?

    1. I haven’t done any for years .. I’ve been lazy – buy a bunch and pop the whole thing as is in a vase!!! My Mum used to do Ikebana as well as conventional flower arranging and was always filling my home with vases of beautifully arranged flowers – all picked from my garden 🙂 I do miss her 🙁

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