Hello world !! !!

Hello world !! !!

Having done a post the other day about my 800th,  I went way …  way back to the beginning … my first post was titled  “Hello world” and text read ” My first blog ever ! ”   That’s it .. that was all!   No photo,  just 4 words!!  It was a test run which Jeanette helped me set up (as I am clueless 🙂  )    She suggested I delete it, but I didn’t.  Glad I didn’t  🙂   I’ve come quite a long way since then .. learnt heaps about finding my way around the computer 🙂  .. and I’m having fun expanding my photography skills !!  🙂

This link, below, is my 4th one, showing two photos of my garden and telling my new bloggie friends that my garden will feature often in future blogs … and so it does 🙂


Sunny spot next to Jackie snoozing on some groundcover – Erigeron – which I have all over the garden now (planted it in all little gaps!)  …

Note to Ray and Carol here :   your Christmas cactus has settled down well and is now sprouting !!  …

My garden is filled with natural wonder as the seasons change .. never ceasing to amaze me with it’s beauty which I try to capture the best way I can

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