Bradley turned 9 yesterday !!

Bradley turned 9 yesterday !!

Goodness, he’s growing up fast .. 9 !!!  I can hardly believe it!!!  But there it is .. our oldest grandson is now 9 and of course, I had to make him a ‘traditional’  Granny Speciality cake to celebrate.   We had a lovely quiet family evening at Jeanette’s with birthday cake and a braai/barbeque.  His party, with friends, will be coming up this weekend.

I didn’t need a large cake so it’s my usual choccie cake.  Bradley enjoys playing cricket at school …  hence the cricket theme !!!

Note to self :  when buying icing letters, buy two of each in case one drops like A and E !

The ‘cricket score’  is on the other side  …  the small finger biscuits are the boundary!

… cricket bat, I cut from an ice lolly stick ..

… and wickets are toothpicks …

Happy 9th Birthday Bradley ‘Bear’ !!!   Papa and I love you lots and lots xxx mwah xxx

Hope you have an awesome party this weekend !!  More story and pics on Jeanette’s other blog –

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