Grey Lourie

Grey Lourie

The Grey Louries (spelling as per Roberts’ Birds of Southern Africa) are common in this area. ” Large and plain grey with a crest long and slightly shaggy” .  “Common resident in the bushveld, savanna, riverine woodland in arid country. ”  “Usually in small groups; larger groups, up to 60 birds .. … … ”    Feed on fruit, flowers, buds, insects, nestling birds and seeds. ”

The other day the boys and I counted eight sitting and squawking their familiar … “Go ..waaaay … go..waaay ” .. on our roof in the early evening sky ..

Before I could get them all in one shot … they flew into the trees for a few minutes and then flew off ..

Their call always brings back childhood memories of picnicking in the bushveld and visiting friends on farms in the old Rhodesia


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  1. We don’t have them around here but wish we did. They are beautiful birds, even if they are grey.

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