Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday at Annica’s in Randburg.  Jeanette invited me to join her and her friends for tea and cake.  Nice to sit and enjoy chit chat with a cup of tea while their kiddies played.   If you’ve read Jeanette’s post, the only disappointment was the cakes.   The service was excellent …  and very patient, serving the children as well as waiting for us to vacate the premises so they could lock up

The cakes looked appetizing and prettily presented on a plate but were all quite tasteless.  Such a pity 🙁  My cream was the canned kind with no added flavours to give it an oomph and the thinly spread meringue was also flavourless.  Not even sweet, thankfully though, which I imagined when I saw it

The kiddies had pancakes which were obviously nice as they tucked into them heartily without leaving a scrap.  Loved the smiley faces !!

They serve a breakfast which we need to try … I’ll report back 🙂

Thanks my girl, for a lovely afternoon xxx


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  1. Don’t you just hate it when food, or in this case the cake, is so disappointing. This while one pays good money for it.

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