Chocolate Appreciation – Lindt Chocolate Studio

Chocolate Appreciation – Lindt Chocolate Studio

Finally … finally hubby and I attended a Chocolate Appreciation Course held at the Lindt Chocolate Studio in the Design Quarter, Fourways.  I say finally, because Jeanette gave me a voucher for the course more than a year ago for my birthday and we were only able to take it up the other day.   With hubby going away on business quite often last year, we couldn’t make a firm date as well as the courses are so very popular and booking well ahead of time is necessary.  There was a mix-up with our first booking, another with our second booking .. then yay … finally … third time lucky .. off we went the other evening to appreciate choccie even more than we did !!

A yummy glass of hot choccie is given while you wait for the rest of the group

The studio’s shop filled with choccie aromas, choccies and equipment with which to make choccies

Once we are settled in the studio with our ‘tastings’ in front of us,  Monique explained the history of Lindt chocolate, started by Master Chocolatier Rodolphe Lindt in Zurich, to the process of making chocolate from cocoa bean to tablet (slab of choccie to us!)

In photo above, the large pod contains the cocoa beans.  Next, is the product of crushing and separating  –   the crushed beans,  white cocoa butter, and cocoa powder.  Milk powder is added to make the chocolate with sugar and all the other tasty goodies that make up the varieties

Husks of the bean are easily broken open …

Cocoa butter … used in the chocolate making and cosmetics.  I rubbed this tiny piece onto my hand, leaving my skin soft and smooth ..

Then we had more fun … we made our own truffle lollipops using Lindt balls ‘that we all know and love’  said Monique !

First a demonstration …

Then it was our turn ..

.. and viola !!    Mine are in front … hubby’s behind

We had fun  🙂   !!   Thanks my girl xxx

From a simple pod …

.. to a work of art  .. !!

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