This is Marley

This is Marley


The above links to the post I wrote last year in October about the two large dogs next door who lack loving care and kindness.  The situation is now bothering me a lot, therefore I have now decided to add photos to an updated post, as according to the SPCA they, being the neighbours, are not breaking any laws.  There is shelter, food and water, which by law, is all that’s required for keeping a dog.

So, I stopped putting food over the wall.  I stopped peeping through the gap in the wall.  I tried to stop caring .. .until recently.  A couple of months ago we heard from another neighbour that the German Shepherd had died of renal failure from drinking the ghastly water from the neglected swimming pool.  I had a feeling something was wrong when we heard Marley howling for a few days.  Over a long holiday weekend recently, the occupants were away, leaving Marley on his own, still locked up at the back.  Someone came daily to feed him.  So I shouldn’t have been concerned .. but I was.  This poor dog was left with little space shut in by a latched gate with a spacious garden in the front.  I felt like climbing over the wall and unlatching that gate!!    The neglected pool is a worry though .. is that water contaminated?  Which raises another question .. there are 2 children, who don’t attend school, are they in any danger?  But that’s not my concern.

I sent an email to our local SPCA earlier this month, to which I haven’t had a reply, explaining my concerns about Marley, with updated photographs.  I know I shouldn’t be taking photos – I could get into trouble, it’s like trespassing.. intruding on others’ privacy,  and I know I shouldn’t be posting about this, but according to the law,  nothing can be done to ease poor Marley’s situation.    I then went with a copy of my email and photos to another SPCA out of our district.   They were very nice about the whole thing and explained the law thing .. again!  The inspector did, however suggest that if I offered to have the dog or could find someone who would like a large dog who needed lots of love and space to run and play, I could ask them if they want to give the dog away to a good home – as clearly they don’t want him.

Problem – we don’t want another large dog (this one being extra large!)  and in fact, I am petrified of Marley.  He does not like me much even though I give him biscuits .. and yes..  I have started yet again to throw doggie biscuits over the wall again.  Unfortunately he was standing on the other side of the wall when my hand went up to drop the biscuits over the wall.   The action of my hand in the air with a throwing motion  scared him off.  He now runs away everytime he sees me.   Makes you wonder !

I peeped over the wall the other day and noticed a new structure against the wall of the house made of wood and plastic, under which is a blanket and next to which is a dog bowl.  Marley’s new shelter.  What happened the old one?   According to the inspector it was a large kennel suitable for two large dogs.  Where is it now?  🙁

This is the latched gate – photo taken in September last year ..

Now .. a month ago … the wood is eaten away in his desperate attempt to escape 🙁

He’s bored and lonely.  I took these photos over that weekend when no-one was at home.  He was covered in flies.   At the moment he’s looking good – no flies – and gets fed twice a day (I hear the clank of the food bowl!)    His area, though, is littered with doggie do’s – shall be watching to see when it’s cleaned up.

Marley’s new ‘home’ :  it’s winter, the nights will be getting colder and colder over the next few months  :  in my mind this is not adequate …

How sad his poor life is 🙁

I wonder if there’s anyone in blogland who would like to offer him a new loving home … he’s about 4 to 5 years old

He is obviously good with children as he grew up with the little girl who used to live next door .. before the couple divorced and homeowner went back overseas leaving the dogs in the care of tenants.  Hubby heard the 2 children the other day playing happily with him .. in the front garden, would you believe, because the granny was mowing the grass in his area.  Once cut, Marley went back to ‘prison’ 🙁

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  1. This is very very sad. Looking at how our dogs are treated, lying on the bed till I go to bed. Then I put them out but not before putting a hot water bottle in their kennel. Lots of love and joy compared to Marley.

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