Bradley’s soccer game yesterday

Bradley’s soccer game yesterday

Bradley is in the B team at school having played a game against another school last week, an away game  .. and again, yesterday, played on his home ground.  There are more boys than positions in the team so a couple of boys only play one half.  Bradley was one of those.  Normally the younger boys play on a smaller field – half the size of their normal field, but yesterday they played on the whole junior field.  I don’t know how large a soccer field should be, as I know nothing about soccer, but this was exhausting for them!!  but they all did extremely well, running up and and down after the ball trying hard to put shoot into the goal .. it never happened, the score ended at 0 – 0.

They had fun, marking each other,  encouraging each other, with some parents and coaches shouting for their teams!  The coaches were impressive, running alongside the players, shouting their instructions and praise.    I took my camera along to practice taking ‘action’ shots.  Oh crumbs, I have a lot to learn … not many are clear, even on sport mode .. need some coaching, me thinks, from my daughter 🙂   (I used the 18-200 lens)

After the game they all shake hands … like the big guys 🙂

Connor, his friend and classmate, and a little girl who followed the two of them all afternoon 🙂

Bradley and team mates watching the A team

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  1. I loved doing sports in school. Dylan isn’t too keen on rugby and his school doesn’t do soccer or hockey, so I will have to wait for Megan’s netball career to take off. She’s very keen to get playing.

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