Cosmos ..

Cosmos ..

I love the pretty shades of pinks to whites of the cosmos flowers.  In the wild, they have generally finished flowering but with packets of seeds available these days, people grow them in the gardens … as I did, until my gardener, Samuel, thought they were weeds and pulled every single one out.  He often ignores weeds .. he seems not to see them  .. but these he made sure he unearthed and disposed of, each and every one 🙁

Where we walk along the greenbelt/veld, one of the houses along the road has a small flowerbed of a colourful flowers and perenials on the grass verge opposite their gate and on the side of the veld.  At the moment there is a small display of pretty cosmos ..

From this little patch of garden, we walk down to the stream which tumbles over rocks ..

… walk under the leafless willows and along the dry bank, no longer crunching on the fallen leaves, which have been blown away by the cold wind that whistles through the bare trees ..

We walk all the way up until we reach a road – the veld/greenbelt carries on much further until it reaches the spring, the source of this stream.  Will walk further with camera in hand one day.   At the road, we do a U turn and make our way back ..

… passing the burnt patches with ground aloes, singed but still green with new flowers emerging  ..

.. even the grass shows signs of fresh growth, having been burnt to the ground about 3 weeks ago …

Our walk takes us down to this road, which takes us home again.   This chappie and his dogs are also regular walkers.  His dogs and Jackie have a little tumble and a game when we cross paths.   For interest sake .. the pink tree in the distance is a kapok tree – a beautiful tree when in full flower at this time of the year.    We had one in our garden but sadly it had to be cut down after being struck by lightening


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  1. You should see if you can get into the garden with the kapok tree and take a couple of photos of its flowers and spikey trunk. I did a post titled Kapok Tree once and its the post that has had the most hits on my blog.

    1. Good idea – although I’ve seen some on grass verges .. now I just have to think where! Must be on my usual route to and from school when my mind is in neutral 🙂

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