Helping hands

Helping hands

Our domestic helper, Sina, is in hospital with a lung infection.   I am always prepared for her absence when she takes her leave over Christmas, but when she goes off sick, it takes me a few days to get into the cleaning/ironing routine again and ship-shape !!  She’s getting older and slower now, missing out things here and there, but it doesn’t matter.  She is extremely trustworthy and to top it all she takes care of the house, garden and Jackie when we are away on holiday.    She has been a part of our family for 35 years !!!   She’s a gem!

Now that she is ill, the boys decided to help out these last two days .. willingly !!!  I was not standing behind them with unmentionable threats !!!

Tuesday :

Wednesday :

” You missed a spot, Bradley ”   ….

No .. he’s not kissing the floor !!!  … he’s smelling it (the floor cleaner is lavender scented!) ….

Of course, they ended up in raucous laughter  …

Thanks boys .. a job well done !!

Let’s hope and pray Sina’s recovery is speedy and she is well enough to look after our house, garden and Jackie when we go on holiday in July .. otherwise we’ll have to lock it up securely and put Jackie in a kennel (a new and daunting experience for her 🙁  )

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  1. I hope she’ll be okay before you guys leave. When the boys are done please send them over my way. I have a couple of floors that need washing too.

  2. Hope Sina is up and about pretty soon. Wishing her speedy recovery.

    Please send the boys my way to come help with some cleaning (LOL). They look hard at work.

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