Flowers from the Cestrum shrub

Flowers from the Cestrum shrub

No time for a post .. loads of ironing to do (need to teach boys how to iron ūüôā ! )¬†¬† Update on Sina .. she’s still in hospital hopefully being well cared for.¬†¬† I have very bad memories of Helen Joseph Hospital when my Mum was there.¬†¬† It was shocking!!¬† The doctors were good … everything else was shocking !¬†¬† But that was in 2005 .. hoping things have improved.

… sooo let me share a photo I took the other day of the flowers of the Cestrum shrub.¬† I think¬†one of varieties¬†is¬†classed as an invader now but I have one and¬†it’s not¬†invading any space in my garden¬†therefore this can’t be the invader variety .. therefore it will stay ..

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