Dads and chocolate eclairs ..

Dads and chocolate eclairs ..

… go together, hand in hand !!!  Well they do in our house, anyway  !! 🙂

We didn’t have all our children here today to celebrate Father’s Day, sadly 🙁   Carl and family were not able to share the day with us.   The cost of petrol is astronomical and Carl’s petrol bill is equally astronomical as he works not far from us but lives miles away, hence clocking up mileage with petrol costs to match.

But we had a lovely day, albeit cloudy and freezing cold, and my son and family missing:(    Chicken on the braai (in the freezing cold .. yes we are mad !! but I did served it with roasted potatoes and veges)   and … naturally for dessert …. chocolate eclairs!!!  Everyone loves them, especially Dads on a day celebrating their day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads !!!!      Special thoughts to my Dad sitting on a cloud up in heaven, beer in hand !   Cheers Daddy – love you lots and lots xxx

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