Boys only

Boys only

Bradley got spectacles for the first time last week – doesn’t he look really cool?  .. and … naturally … I had to take photos while he was doing his reading homework …

He reads with expression 🙂

Last night they had a sleep-over at Granny’s while Jeanette and Lance went out for dinner

Sleep-over + morning-after = cuddling with Granny + hot tea in Granny and Papa’s bed

Whispering a secret in big brothers ear …

Warm winter sun streamed in through the window – Connor munched an apple while Bradley was glued to his game ‘thingie’  – and they wanted to stay .. and stay … and stay 🙂

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  1. The best thing to do on these cold winter mornings. We stayed in bed till after 10 on Sunday and even then the kids didn’t want to get up.

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