Jeanette turned 40 yesterday !!

Jeanette turned 40 yesterday !!

Gosh .. how do I feel to have a forty year old daughter?   No different actually …  so many years ..  so many memories going right back to 1972 !!  I remember the day clearly.  Well, it was two days before Monday 26th June … it was Saturday, hubby and I watched a school’s rugby match.  Contractions began .. baby two weeks overdue … baby was finally coming into this world!!!    The stork was circling above!   It circled and circled .. and circled!!!!     An exhausted stork dropped the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen on Monday afternoon!  We named her Jeanette 🙂

A year later, we celebrated her first birthday …

Now, 40 years later ….   🙂

Eddie the Teddy, came with our gift to Jeanette …

Roast lamb, roast potatoes and veges for dinner served with La Motte Shiraz 2008  …

On the wall behind Jeanette and Lance is a pastel portrait of Jeanette when she was 4 years old …

Naturally, a family birthday wouldn’t be the same without a choccie cake, the theme being frames, simplicity and beauty – beauty =  flowers and butterflies, of which there are 4 each : simplicity = a non-fussy and natural-as-possible-looking choccie cake : frames = a rope frame on cake surrounded by a wooden frame =  her passion for photography 🙂

See .. she’s passionate about her photography 🙂

Happy 40th Birthday, my girl .. wishing you many many more years of happiness, love, family togetherness, inspiration and the passion you have for life and beauty you capture so well  xxx

We love you lots .. and lots xxx mwah xxx

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  1. I often look at your pictures of these family gatherings and outings and I wish my family was like that, but hopefully we will be like that when our kids grow up. Anyway, I said to Jeanette on Twitter that I wonder what cake you will bake her.

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