Just because …

Just because …

… I haven’t had time to do a post …. I am waiting for a cake to cool down before icing it …. so shall tell you briefly about yesterday’s walk in the veld and coffee  .. and yes, it was Thursday and not Tuesday!!   I have made two cakes .. one each for the boys to ice for their mom’s birthday picnic tomorrow!  Shhhh… please don’t tell her 🙂

Walk in the veld was disappointing as sadly there is litter all over the place.  Bits of bread, tissues, even toilet paper, cigarette and match boxes, and then the usual plastic packets and empty cartons of juice/milk.  There is a dustbin, but that makes no difference to the passing people …  it’s disgusting.   The grass cutters, who usually pick up the litter,  will only come back in summer.  Isn’t it sad how people have no care of the environment in which they live  ..

After our walk we went for coffee at Petits Fours in Verdi Shopping Centre, Blackheath – marvellous!!!  A definite return is on the cards .. .

Cappuccino and carrot cake … yumm !

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