A perfect picnic in the park

A perfect picnic in the park

Jeanette celebrated her 40th birthday with friends and family at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens yesterday.  It was the perfect day … weather played it’s part, children had fun running around the vast open spaces, everyone enjoyed the no-fuss day, relaxed day.   Jeanette had scrumptious cupcakes made by Angel, and I made two cakes which the boys decorated themselves especially for Mom.  I’m hoping my cakes passed the ‘taste test’ from the expert cupcake maker, Angel 🙂

Cameras aplenty …  including mine!!  My contribution to the day-captured-with-the-lens are pics from the aloe garden and a walk with the kiddies to the waterfall

On my way to the aloe garden I passed this gentleman reading on a bench …

The surface of the water in the above photo is covered with fluffy flowers …

Just had to capture these two ladies !!

On our way to the waterfall …

Walking there was thirsty work …

The light wasn’t good at the waterfall which is in the deep shade in the afternoon …

A resident pair of eagles have their nest on the cliff face – difficult to describe where but I’ll try … go the top of waterfall, then down to the next ledge where the water cascades over,  look to the left about 2cm where there is an untidy bunch of twigs.  One eagle was visible – they had been flying around earlier in the day

On the way back to our picnic site, we had to stop for the kiddies to play in the play area which includes a series of underground tunnels

It was the perfect day for a 40th birthday picnic !!

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