Two boys, a dog and a grandpa

Two boys, a dog and a grandpa

As I had gone to the doctor this morning for an EMG on my hands, (didn’t have a clue what an EMG entails),  only to discover an EMG is forced electric shocks through the nerves (!) to gauge whether they are functioning probably, and which it was discovered they are not, hence carpul tunnel syndrome … hence an op on BOTH hands, one after the other with recovery time in between, hence me being not happy about anaesthetics etc … … … we went for our usual walk this afternoon with the Bradley and Connor.  I took my Canon 600D to practice landscape photography.  I am not happy with my landscape pics and decided to use the landscape function on the camera.  I need to get it right for our forthcoming holiday … so forthcoming in fact, that it begins on Saturday night with our flight out to transit in Munich then onto Paris.  I know I’ve left the perfect pic trials for landscapes a little late .  Does anyone know the best settings for landscapes ?????  please !!

Our favourite old walking stick, made in Zimbabwe, which we’ve had for years and years snapped in half and made great weapons for boys at play ..

A group of teenagers were having fun with a swing they had made from the discarded telephone cable which had been  stripped of it’s copper wiring …

I must add here that the whole area had been cleaned up of all the litter we spotted on our last walk.   Nice to see it cleaned up again.

We wondered why Connor suddenly started leaning on his part of the walking stick and walking like an old man .. he said he was Master Yoda !!!   Funny boy .. he certainly makes us smile, that child 🙂

Another point where they stopped to ‘play’ fight …

One last bout of sparring before setting off on the road towards home ..

Nearly home …

Remember .. does anyone know the best way to capture landscapes, please ??

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    1. Thanks my girl .. video is easy to follow – need to practice. He says he has his camera on P normally – I don’t, it’s always on Av. It’s that fstop that’s tricky to work out – I don’t want all blurred photos even though I have the stabilizer lens.

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