We’re back ..

We’re back ..

… from an amazing holiday to France.  We did a Trafalgar guided holiday for the first time.  A little apprehensive about the whole bus thing, being herded here and there but it was fantastic.  Our driver Marc and our Tour Director, also Mark, with a ‘k’ !! were brilliant!   Marc, always with a helping hand off the bus, and Mark always smiling, helpful, very knowledgeable, and patient !!!   A bus load of  ‘all sorts’ from different parts of the globe – Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and us plus one elderly lady from South Africa.

Mark and Marc

The tour, The Best of France, started in Paris with a welcome dinner and orientation drive through Paris (to get our bearings!), followed by 13 days of early wake-up calls most days, motoring around France spending one/two nights in Lyon, Nice, Carcassonne, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Tours, Omaha Beach and back to Paris, experiencing the culture, food and wine, history and the friendliness of the French people.  Not forgetting the chateaux, cathedrals, churches, old and interesting buildings, beaches, countryside .. … .. etc.    It was incredible !!

I’ve taken loads of photographs, naturally!  but unfortunately with wrong settings for most .. see very very sad face here 🙁  🙁  🙁   AND unfortunately hubby left his camera at home (he only realised when we were at the airport for departure 🙁  )  so there’s no back-ups 🙁   .. but .. anyhow, I shall do my best to wade through the pics to share some of our experiences in France!

Sooo … come with us (hubby and I .. Percy Penguin not included!)  .. hoping you won’t be bored with our experiences of the usual tourist spots – all new for us, and a sneak at everyday French life, as we witnessed it.  I will add our everyday meanderings here at home as usual in-between!!!  Here’s a ‘taste’ of blogs to follow .. and here again apologies for the poor quality photos

Someone asked us what was the highlight of our trip.  We don’t have one specific one .. we have many !! I finally saw fields of lavender!!  I have always wanted to see them and there they were .. whizzing past as we drove through Provence!!  Would have loved to have stopped and walk through one …

… many chateaux …  like the stately Chateaux Chenonceau, Loire Valley

…. markets .. like this one in Nice ..

.. narrow streets as those in Lyon ..

… French cuisine including smooth, creamy Créme brulée …  yummm!!…

…. highlight for hubby was seeing the Motoring Racing Grand Prix circuit in Monaco .. and our bus driver drove on part of the circuit !!!

… I loved wandering around Monet’s garden in Giverny ..

…. getting my feet wet in the Meditteranean .. once I had negotiated those pebbles!!!

Baguettes … oh so gooood !!  There were at least two or three in people’s baskets daily !   ..  they were delicious .. we had one just about every day .. and I had a croissant, or two, every day !!

… and not forgetting the wine ..   this is a liqueur wine in Beaune

…. bridge made famous by the song ” Sur le pont, Avignon …”  where people danced under and not on it ..

… fish market in Libourne, Bordeaux region  ..

… red poppies !!!   Symbol of remembrance !!

… Omaha Beach, sight of D-Day landings…

… a delightful and charming lady, Beatrice, a goat farmer’s wife and hostess for ‘Be my Guest’ dinner on her farm .. a wonderful and memorable evening …

…. hubby touching the dripping water at St Bernadette’s Grotto, Lourdes ..

….Biarittz, on the Atlantic Ocean side …

…. Roman influence in Arles ..

… magnificent scenery like atop the summit of La Rhune Mountain which lies on the border of France and Spain ..

.. and of course .. Paris

Looking forward to sharing our experiences 🙂

6 Replies to “We’re back ..”

  1. Looking forward to hearing all about it I think your photographs are lovely by the way! Share your view about the lavendar farm – imagine taking a walk through the fields. I can almost smell the fragrance!

  2. What an amazing trip you had! I think you’ve seen more of France than I’ve seen in my entire life! It’s a pity you only drove through the lavender fields though. The buzzing of the bees and that lovely lavender scent would have made a brief stop something worth remembering!

    1. I agree Jientjie … maybe next time !! 🙂 !! The trip was absolutely fabulous – have so much to share – it’s all the little things we experienced that were so wonderful as well as the usual tourist stuff – which was also amazing to see in ‘real’ life, as it were ! We especially found the people so very friendly. Back home again we are tending to say bonjour and merci to everyone here 🙂

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