Randomness from our journey around France

Randomness from our journey around France

Putting posts together on the different places we visited on our holiday to France is going to take me a bit of time for each one .. for one thing, adjusting each photo is a bit of a bind and for another, I have to look up names of buildings/historic places/places of interest … time was limited in each place and I tried to take photos of signs as reminders, but often forgot in my haste to keep up with my fellow travellers 🙂  !!!   I was labelled the ‘Paparazzi’ by them, as my camera was at the ready all the time, taking pics of everything 🙂

Sooo in-between the longer posts, I shall slip in a short one with one or two photographs, like this one, of random pics taken on our journey …

… a little sweet but yummy nonetheless  …   macarons!!

Saw these in the window of a patiserrie in Beaune, our first stop en route to Lyon, and just had some, having never had one before ..

Watch this space for more  ‘randomness from our journey around France’ 🙂

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