Beaune, Burgundy # 1

Beaune, Burgundy # 1

Our first stop, after motoring along the highway through lovely countryside of farmland scattered with villages, wheat fields and chateaux ..

… followed by vineyards on the rolling hills of Burgundy, was Beaune, the old centre of which is encircled by ramparts and boulevards ..  (photo through the bus window – old ramparts and moat)

As with all our stops, Mark, our Tour Director gives an in-depth explanation of the history and walks around with us – all with ear pieces for ease of listening to him – while he points out places of interest before we have ‘free time’  to wander around before boarding the bus again … sooo let’s explore Beaune together…

Old and new buildings …

These beautiful old buildings is the Hôtel des Ducs de Bourgogne  (home of the Burgundy Dukes dating back to the 13th to 16th Century) which houses the Musée du Vin de Bourgogne (wine museum)

We didn’t go into the main building but had a peek at the traditional winemaking equipment ..

Beaune had a personal interest for hubby and I, as hubby’s  ancestors come from the region.  The family name is still prominent in the area and wine industry, with very very distant relatives living not far from Beaune running very successful domaines (vineyards), but all our efforts to purchase a bottle of their wine was fruitless.   We went from one  wine merchant to the next without success.   All out of stock sadly 🙁

More on Beaune to follow …

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