Wine tasting in Beaune

Wine tasting in Beaune

We experienced two wine tastings in France, although we tasted various wines throughout the two week tour.   I generally preferred a chilled white Chardonnay, by the glass, as opposed to a red which is my normal choice.    My verdict on the Chardonnay – ok to good – drinkable.   In the pub at the Novotel Hotel in Paris, however, the Chardonnay was really very good!!!   Didn’t make a note of the label, unfortunately 🙁

Red wines :  generally for the tour group dinners, the reds were drinkable but not wonderful!!  There were a few exceptions however.  Those that we bought ourselves and a few served with dinners on the ‘optional excursions’.     I took a photo of the labels of the good bottles to look out for them again – if we are lucky enough to return – or scouring the shelves at Norman Goodfellows.  We found, generally, the wines needed a bit more ‘oomph’  but saying that, we did have a couple of excellent reds!   Most of them didn’t have that ‘oomph’ that our wines have 🙂    I suppose our tastes are used to South African wines : our diverse climate and terroir.

Soooo .. our first experience of Burgundy wine tasting – Domaine la Reine Pedauque

Gorgeous entrance .. note the light fitting made from wine bottles !

Loved the well ..

Tour group gathered together before going to the underground caves/cellars.  It was very dark down there .. low low light .. not good for photos!

Cannot remember how many we tasted here .. I think it was only a white and then a red, before we moved further into the cellars where we had more tastings.  I preferred the white .. hubby and I found the red a bit wishy-washy .. no oomph!!!

Hubby’s  family  wines come from Volnay, near Beaune ..

In another part of the cellars, we tasted 4 more – these were far nicer, especially the last one .. a Pinot Noir

Loved the little bit of stained glass above the door ..

Once in the souvenir/wine shop we were given one for tasting .. a rather sweet aperitif wine … quite thick and strong berry flavoured.  They said it’s usually thinned by adding white wine.    A similar one, diluted,  was served before one of the dinners in Nice – very nice!

 Shop lacked the small wine goodies like their counterparts in the Cape ie bottle stoppers, openers, pourers,  etc .. I would have bought gifts to bring home

We leave Beaune behind and make our way to Lyon where we had a night’s stop



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  1. I’m not a wine drinker but really enjoy visiting wine estates around the Cape. I would love to be able to see these historic estates. Very interesting.

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