Quick pic .. St Paul-de-Vence

Quick pic .. St Paul-de-Vence

I spent a lovely morning today with my sister in law, Kathy, and my niece, Daniella, who came up from the Cape for a wedding over the weekend, and who fly back shortly.   We sat and chatted for hours over coffee and ‘munchies’  at Vovo Telo in Parkhurst.   Before leaving, we browsed around a couple of the gorgeous shops there, and came across a large poster of a scene from St Paul-de-Vence, near Nice.  I’ve been there!!!!  🙂  This is my photo of the same little courtyard (on the poster) in this famous 16th century hilltop village ! (I  had to do it sections as it was a little crowded with tourists, like ourselves !)

Isn’t it stunning ? !!

Thanks Kathy and Daniella for a lovely morning … hope to see you soon xxx mwah xxx

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  1. My niece took me to a restaurant in Florida Rd in Durban for lunch. You walk down a little passage and into this beautiful courtyard, with a fountain just like this one in the courtyard! Your photo today reminded me of a lovely lunch with a beautiful girl! 🙂

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