Just for a change .. flowers and snow !

Just for a change .. flowers and snow !

Signs of spring poking it’s head into the icy air, in my garden, after the unusual snow we had on Tuesday  ..

Still need to prune some of the roses in my garden, including this one ..

Last time we had snow in Johannesburg was about 5 years ago .. and previously in 1981 (both for a day only!)  Both those times, not a snowflake fell in our garden .. but on Tuesday it did !!!  Not enough to cover the earth .. not enough to made a snowman .. but enough to have some fun !!

… … .. back to France pics 🙂

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  1. It must have been absolutely amazing experiencing snow in Jhb. I so wish I could see it. In actual fact, I just want to see it snow in general. Yesterday we drove the 3 hours to Graaff Reient and another 30 minutes into the mountains just to find only a couple of patches next to the road. At least we all have now seen snow but now I want to see it actually snowing.

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