Lyon, Rhône Valley # 1

Lyon, Rhône Valley # 1

Lyon is the second largest city in France – I quote from the book ‘Eyewitness Travel France’  (quoting, only because I wrote a whole long bit and it got deleted by the little gremlins who sit inside this pc 🙁   – and I can’t remember my wording but it goes something like the quote … ”  On the west bank of the river Saône, the restored old quarter of Vieux Lyon is an atmospheric warren of cobbled streets, traboules (covered passageways), Renaissance palaces, first-class restaurants, lively bouchons (bistros) and bohemian shops.  It is also the site of the Roman city of Lugdunum, the commercial and military capital of Gaul founded by Julius Caesar in 44 BC.”  ” Two excavated Roman theatres still stage performances from opera to rock concerts.”” It was historically known as an important area in the production and weaving of silk and also played a significant role in the history of cinema.  Auguste and Louis Lumiere invented the cinematographic in Lyon There again .. I’m going to say ‘ unfortunately, we didn’t have time’  !!  We only saw a fraction of what’s to offer in this amazing city, but what we saw was incredibly interesting.  We arrived in the latter part of the afternoon, were given a short time to refresh ourselves at our hotel – Novotel Lyon Gerland – this being our first night’s stop – then boarded the bus again to meet a local tour guide who took us through some of the streets of Vieux Lyon (old city)  (photos taken through bus window) Before reaching Vieux Lyon, we drove passed one of the city squares, Place Bellecour, which was being rejuvenated with new trees.   It was originally a vast paved square used for parades.   I couldn’t get many pics as I was sitting on the wrong side of the bus 🙁  .. but I did capture a bronze Louis XIV .. and the bell tower – le Clocher Tour de l’encien hôpital de la Charité Once parked, we walked with our guide … passed Jardin Archeologique – an excavation site of ruins of 2 churches, one built on top of another !  (church in background is Cathédrale St-Jean) .. where a remnant from the churches is a relatively well-preserved archway .. Front of the Cathédrale St-Jean, from 12th century, has a 14th century astronomical clock (on left). During the time of the Revolution (18th century) some of the carved figures were beheaded! La Fontaine in the centre of the cobbled square outside the Cathédrale St-Jean Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviére, top of the hill, built in the 19th century .. Some of the streets are very narrow !! Walked along Rue St Jean, the main shopping street in Vieux Lyon – spotted Pinocchio !! Maison du Chamarerie – 15th century house of the superintendant of the finances of the Bishop of the Cathedral Walked passed the film museum – Musée des minitures et décors du cinéma – where the window display has the model used in the 1996 movie Independence Day I got so excited when I saw my first French crépe being made .. no time to stop and watch have one 🙁  but I did have one in Avignon .. yum!! One bistro (bouchon) after the other ..   Next post  … we’ll take a walk through the traboules – underground passageways – which were used by the silk merchants to keep their goods dry whilst carrying them to their places of business – as well as the French Resistance during World War II  .. watch this space 🙂

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  1. I have to be very honoust and say that I know very little about Lyon. Other than the name nothing actually. It does look like a fascinating place with lots of history though. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. What an interesting trip! Those bunkers are enormous! My two grandfather’s fought in the desert during WW2 – wouldn’t it be funny if they had known each other? 🙂 Wondering how your Mum is doing?

    1. Oh *sigh* I am really battling with blogs and facebook – I see there’s no comment section now on the bunkers post 🙁 No idea how to fix it sadly
      That would be funny? My dad was in the Rhodesian Artillary so it’s not likely.
      Mum is just the same – still in her own world, not knowing who we are, we don’t think anyway. My cousin, who has his own parish in England, sat on the phone with her for about 10 minutes, praying ‘with’ her and we were hoping it would help her to ‘move on’ but it hasn’t .. so far. It’s just too too sad to see her like that 🙁 I think I need to go again and see her. Thanks for asking Janet .. plant some sweetpeas next year for your mom (knee high ones 🙂 )

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