Quick pic .. Bordeaux .. U-boat pens

Quick pic .. Bordeaux .. U-boat pens

Travelling on the bus from the city centre of Bordeaux, where we had free time to wander around .. we chose to sit at a cafe/bar and share a good bottle of French wine with our new Kiwi friends and people-watch in the Place de la Comede, next to the Grand Theatre   ..

…. I digress … motoring towards our hotel we passed a huge concrete U-boat bunker – ‘pens’ ..

Photos thro’ the bus window:    Even though Bordeaux is 60 miles from the coast, the River Garonne is navigable.  This bunker was built in 1943, holding 15 boats.  Originally used by the Italians, later by the Germans, it was so strongly built that it was unable to be bombed.  Imagine the German U-boats having been in such close proximity to the Bay of Biscay !

I found all the sites and references to WWII interesting, especially as my Dad had served in World War II, based in Italy as well as the Desert

www.uboataces.com  is also interesting

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