On our way to beautiful Provence ..

On our way to beautiful Provence ..

.. next ‘sleep-over’ .. Nice … dare I say, Nice is nice .. extremely nice 🙂  !   our tour stopped for a walk-about in Avignon.  Another interesting place !

But before we got there it was a long, long way along the highway.   We were most impressed with the three-lane highway all the way .. all the way round France.   This part of the highway was busy with holiday-makers making their way down South – cars packed, caravans, bicycles strapped on the backs of many, etc

A clifftop castle was different from all the stunning chateaux we had been seeing –

Close to the clifftop castle was our ‘wee-stop’   toilet/snack break.  Odd thing to post about but it was amazing!!   We found all the stops-facilities spotless and the quality of the food was great!   This place was incredible!!   Mark gave us 20 minutes at each ‘break’.  Plenty of time for toilet, a quick stroll around the shop and a tasty treat !

All that yummy food, but I had my usual .. I loved those croissants!!!   And I found the ones sold at the wee-stops toilet-breaks were the best !!

Lavender bushes lined the car park ..

Next stop .. Avignon:)      Watch this space 🙂

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