Quick pic .. Somewhere in Aquitaine, S. France

Quick pic .. Somewhere in Aquitaine, S. France

As most of you know I look after two grandsons on a daily basis while Jeanette (my eldest daughter) works full-time.  Bradley and Connor are 9 and 5 respectively so there is no need for me to look at baby ‘stuff’ anymore but I couldn’t but notice these highchairs at one of the wee-stops toilet-breaks between Lourdes and Biarritz !!  Yet another odd thing to take a photo of .. but that’s me – I take photographs of ‘everything’ !!

Simple design, easy to clean, tray at the bottom for baby bag etc ….. and wheels!!   It can be wheeled to any table inside or out!    Wheels ..  a great invention for anything to do with babies, small children and bigger kiddies!    I would love to put wheels on all the toy boxes/tables/book shelves in our playroom/study so that they can be moved around easily, especially with one hand while the other hand is cleaning, vacuuming etc

… and look at the tray, complete with plastic mat, bib, serviettes – all sealed under clingfilm!!   Impressive .. practical !

Thinking about those wheels … when boisterous baby rocks furiously to and fro,  mom /or dad can put feet on bottom tray to steady it, or hook feet against wheels, or .. … .. there are ways and means !!  🙂


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