Quick pic .. Mont St Michel … Galette (savoury crêpe)

Quick pic .. Mont St Michel … Galette (savoury crêpe)

To answer the question by sybaritic if the crêpes are all sweet – no, they’re not.  I really couldn’t tell you if the ingredients added to the usual crêpes are sweet as I remember looking at the chalk-written blackboard-menus but didn’t honestly make a note of the other fillings down the list.  The first couple, of course always in French, were  .. plain, citrus, chocolate, I think there was cheese but I could be wrong.

Anyway, our very informative Tour Director Mark, told us about the savoury crêpe when we were heading for Mont St Michel, a most interesting and magnificent island monastery in Normandy.   Specialities in this region are apples, cider and the Galette, a savoury crêpe made from bucwheat.   It’s also known as a black crêpe.   Naturally we had to try them.  I wouldn’t be in hurry to try it again, although hubby enjoyed his .. I certainly didn’t.  That’s only because I chose the wrong filling 🙁      Of course, the entire menu at La Vieille Auberge, was in French and by looks of the words, the one I chose seemed interesting.  Interesting is beyond imagination!!

Hubby’s filling was a delicious ham topped with a fried egg wrapped in a Galette ..

Mine was apple, crème fraîche and andoillette (the latter I had no clue as to what it was)  the rest sounded nice!  Well, it turns out it’s a pork tripe sausage !    Eeeww, it was revolting …..and because it was mushed up and scattered around the base of my perfectly folded crêpe, I tried in vain to put aside all the little bits …

Besides my first and only disastrous meal in France, the restaurant was fabulous  …

.. the view spectacular ….    behind La Vieille Auberge …

.. and in front … showing the strong tides in the Baie du Mont-St-Michel .. .

Still many places to share in my photographic journey before we get to this stunning place .. it’s on our second last day of the ‘around-France’ part of the tour .

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