Avignon, Provence # 2

Avignon, Provence # 2

Following on from previous post, Avignon, Provence #1,  where our tour group was standing in the square at the Palais des Papes  :

The Palais des Papes and the historic centre of Avaignon is a UNESCO Heritage Site

Construction began in 1252 and became the residence of the Popes (seven in total)  in 1309 when, due “to factional strife in Rome, Pope Clement V moved the papal court to Avignon.  Here it remained until 1377, during which time his successors transformed the modest episcopal building into the present magnificent palace.  Its heavy fortification was vital to defend against rogue bands of mercenaries.”

“The Palace comprises Pope Benedict XII’s  simple Palais Vieux (1334-42) on the left side of the building, and Clement VI’s flamboyant Palais Neuf (1342-52) with it’s ten towers, some of which are 50 metres high.”   (quote: Eyewitness Travel, France)

The bell tower, far left of the original bell tower, is a later addition (can’t find a reference to when it was built, and cannot remember what Mark said !!!   )

  Musée du Petit Palais was once the residence of the Archbishop of Avignon ..

As I mentioned in my previous post on Avignon, the vast square hosts the largest festival in France, which includes ballet, drama and classical concerts.  There are posters for festivals and theatre productions everywhere !!

The central square, Place de l’Horloge, has many cafés, bistros, theatre, Town Hall ..

..and the spectacular 1900’s carousel ..

 Isn’t it beautiful ? !!

Modern homes …

Cannot fit all the pics into this blog post .. # 3 will be shorter .. promise ! 🙂   Hubby and I stopped for our baguette-and-crêpe yummy lunch, then strolled back to the bus .. taking photos, naturally, en route 🙂

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