Monaco # 1

Monaco # 1

The drive through to the underground car/bus park is worth featuring on it’s own.  Most photos are therefore through the glass window.    Even so, it’s a ‘wow’ moment at every turn !!!   Seeing the highrise buildings and apartment blocks squished so close together, with the yachts – small to large to extra large … .. and the calm blue Mediterranean is definitely a ‘wow’ moment!

We were sitting on the ‘landside’ of the bus – this is the view I had when Mark, our Tour Director, disembarked to enter a control building (no idea what it would be called).  All vehicles have to pay an entry fee into Monaco with numbers and names of all passengers whether it’s cars or buses.  He told us to sit tight .. and so we did !

We were given the green light  … on we went ..

.. .through some very narrow streets .. our driver, Marc,  was a star squeezing his bus through the trickiest of obstacles ..   wing mirrors just missing each other !!

Hubby got excited when we approached this part … a portion of the Grand Prix Circuit lay ahead … !!

Oleanders lined the streets all over The Cote d’Azure

Entering the underground bus park – sea level but there are lifts plus escalators up to the clifftop location of  Monaco-Ville …

Up to ground level and exiting outside the Musée Ocèanographique which I have featured before as a ‘quick pic’  …

Next post … walk-about Monaco-Ville 🙂

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