Walk-about in Monaco

Walk-about in Monaco

First stop is the Cathédrale de Monaco where all the Royal weddings etc have taken place, the most recent, a year ago, the marriage between Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.  I watched their wedding on tv, so it was wonderful to see the Cathedral, the steps, roads, etc in real life ! 🙂

Photo taken from the Cathedral steps … our group gathered

Through the trees on the other side of the road ..

Looking from the road to the left of the Cathedral is the Palais de Justice (older building) and the Conseil National

Cathedral and Palais de Justice ..

Beyond the archway is the Place du Palais  ..

Palais Princier ..

Archway through which we walked ..

Memorial of Francois Grimaldi guised as a monk with a sword under his frock, walked through the gates, and siezed the Rock of Monaco in 1297 – from that time on, the Principality of Monaco was ruled by the Grimaldi family

Cannon ball sculptures ..

Magnificent view from there …

Part of Grand Prix circuit is where the red and white barriers are placed – a go-karting circuit for now ..

… back to the Place du Palais ..

Our walk-about in Monaco will continue next post  .. watch this space 🙂  !!

7 Replies to “Walk-about in Monaco”

  1. Thank you for a lovely trip via your beautiful photographs. It all looked so familiar, especially after having seen the wedding there last year.
    Thanks for sharing.
    <3 Helen

    1. Janet yes – we stood in the hot sun so can’t recall all of it (thought I’d look it up on our return 🙂 ) 13th century Prince Rainier I allegedly kidnapped & raped a young maiden. The young lass became a witch and put a curse on the family – ‘Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage’ – there was another school of thought, but cant remember – something to do with family feuding and connection of Monaco to France – an heir must be produced in Monaco – if not the Principality is dissolved and Monaco becomes part of France. I go with the first one – all the marriages either ended in tragedy or divorce. Princess Charlene has a lot on her shoulders ! – and the story goes now that she is battling to conceive .. ..

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