Nice, Côte d’Azur # 1

Nice, Côte d’Azur # 1

On arrival in Nice, our tour group was dropped off at Gaglio’s on Place Saint-Francois – Old Nice (Vieux Nice)  for our evening dinner before finally relaxing in a hot bath after a long day of travelling and sightseeing

Place Saint-Francois .. Vieux Nice – a fascinating area to walk around, which hubby and I did the following day ..

Gaglio’s is obviously a popular restaurant as it was packed with diners seated on pavement and inside.   We, as a tour group, were ushered upstairs for a delicious dinner and plenty of wine.  I didn’t take pics of all the courses … dessert was a yummy Peach Praline tart ..

I loved the tiled floor …  Italian influence is very prominent in the South of France ..

Balcony of an apartment opposite the restaurant !!!

On the way to our hotel after dinner, I spotted this sign .. hoping we weren’t going to be dropped off there !! 🙂

The Grand Hotel Aston, a really good hotel, overlooks a public garden under reconstruction .. quite chaotic but I would think lovely when finished, and beyond that lies Vieux Nice – Old Nice – photos from our hotel window ..

The following day, we went up to the roof of our hotel to take in the rooftop view of Nice ..

The airport is situated at the end of the piece of land jutting out into the sea on the right – planes land and take off frequently

Pool deck on rooftop has a marvellous view of most of the city …

A full day in Nice after a good night’s sleep .. walking, sightseeing, a tour of St Paul de Vence, visit to the Fragonard Perfumery  and a delightful dinner on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean .. please join me 🙂

Choccies on the bed ..


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  1. Thanks for the lovely “tour” of France. The pictures, the narration. All I can say is Marc or is it Mark beware your job might be on the line 😉

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