Nice # 2 .. to market, to market, to buy a .. .. ..

Nice # 2 .. to market, to market, to buy a .. .. ..

Our full day in Nice … free morning to do as we wish, so onto the morning market we went, before making our way on the pebble beach, then onto the Vieux Nice – all so fascinating !! From the hotel we walked in the direction of the sea to Place Massena then onto the market which is near Vieux Nice. Place Masenna – where a Jazz Festival was being held over that weekend.  The new tram was introduced to replace an old one in 2004

Interesting lights, I thought, but they are luminous statues – seven of them – which slowly change colour, represent communication between the different communities of today’s society – created by Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa ..

.. Marble statue of Apollo, which was banned for 22 years in France as he was thought to be “too well-endowed” returned to the Place Masséna in 2011 ..


Onward to the market, passing the back of the Opera House with beautifully ornate light fittings ..

.. to the market.   I must admit, this is the first produce market I have ever walked through !!   We don’t have them here – we buy fruit and veges in supermarkets or fruit/vege shops – I loved seeing all the fresh produce, bursting with freshness ..  (and there’s the artist-of-Nice-market-painting I bought!) (featured a few blog posts ago)

My painting – small but bold 🙂

I love the smell of fresh flowers ..

A long table of glacéd fruits ..


Huge red peppers ..

I’ve never seen tomatoes like these .. at the Libourne morning market, one of this variety of tomatoes was cut in half .. amazing ! – solid, fleshy and deep red!

 Also never seen tomatoes on the vine en masse .. ours are packaged and shelved in supermarkets and vege shops ..

.. or garlic still connected to their leaves (only seen ornamental ones like this !!)  these are gorgeous !!

I was walking around from one table to the next oohh’ing and ahh’ing at fruit and vegetables !!!  Crazy 🙂 

Fresh fish was being unpacked and placed on an iced table ..

Huge peaches ..

These are also peaches !!   We had one in Libourne a few days later, delicious!  ..

These were the only packaged fruits .. freshly packaged .. sitting on a crushed ice table – note the drips !  !

Mountains of large juicy cherries …

Spices/herbs table .. these are different varieties of salt !!!   …

No market is complete without gorgeous smelling natural soaps ..

Another observation we made was that the kiddies accompanying their mom’s or both parents around the markets are given fruit to eat .. no sweets .. fruit  !!  Mark says this is the norm and that’s probably why the French children / or European children are so healthy !!  I’m sure he’s right !   Interesting !!

… and I might add here .. we found the French children to be so well-behaved and polite !!

Our walk will continue down to the beach .. pebbles !!!  Another thing I’ve never seen before !!!    Next post on Nice – # 3  (holding thumbs all the post comes through .. gremlins are at work again in my blog 🙁  )

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  1. Oh what a lovely market! I see some natural sponges on the soap table. I must try and find one of those! I seem to have developed an allergy to the plastic “scrunchies” and someone told me to try those. Only found artificial ones. Love the look of those tomatoes, what an interesting shape! So pleased to hear there are still polite, well-behaved children around 😉

  2. gorgeous place! from the statues (:D “to well endowed” 😆 ) to the blue skies and to that gorgeous market! thank you for this beautiful trip!

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