Nice, Côte d’Azure # 3 .. the beach

Nice, Côte d’Azure # 3 .. the beach

To continue … from the market we walked to the beach pebbles where the azure blue Med ripples gently onto the shore of grey pebbles. I’ve never seen a pebble beach before .. found it so odd seeing sunworshippers lazing on towels on stones, and others wading, with much difficulty – me included!! – to the waters edge where it dips quite steeply before you can swim. There can’t be a day that goes by when someone doesn’t slip :! ) Our South African beaches are white to golden shades of fine sand ..

Getting an almost-all-over tan  ..

That’s hubby .. on the beach in Nice  ..

That’s me .. toes in the Mediterranean !! ..  I had to pinch myself – a place I thought I would never see ..

Picking up pebbles to bring home ..

That’s us .. !!

Sand poured onto pebbles for the volleyball court !

Umbrellas and beach chairs (where the flags are) for those who wish to pay for the luxury ..

… or on with the shoes ..

.. for playing on the beach pebbles !!..

We walked as far as the Opera House – beautiful building !!  (not that far at all .. huge stretch of coastline that goes right round to the airport)  and then we turned back to make our way through the narrow streets of Vieux Nice

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    1. It was very hot!! Even the sea was warm! You can see the older locals in the city … all-over tan and ‘weathered’ .. hoping the younger generations respect the sun more. Our Kiwi friend on the bus took a photo of an ‘older’ woman on the beach – hoping he’ll put that on Fb when they return from their mammoth tour of 4 months around Europe and UK – she had obviously had a boob job .. perfectly round melons on a wrinkly body !!

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