Nice, Côte d’Azur # 4 .. Vieux Nice

Nice, Côte d’Azur # 4 .. Vieux Nice

Walking through the market again, crossing a square, passing the Palais de Justice ..

…hubby and I made our way to the narrow streets of Old Nice (Vieux  Nice) .. each street similar yet each one so different …

We had no map to follow .. just our noses (as my Mum would say!) …

Couldn’t resist popping into ‘LAC patissier chocolatier’  shop to buy a couple of macarons ..

.. also popped in here to see if they had ‘our’ family wine – no luck .. again ..

We stood here and waited for an argument – a very loud one at that – between a mother and daughter to cease, which went on for quite a while, their voices bouncing off the buildings 🙂   It was quite a heated argument ending with the daughter storming passed us pushing a babe in push-chair !!  I wonder what it was about 🙂

We walked to end of this uphill street .. steeper than it looks !

A dead-end with a shrine to ‘Our Lady’ for the protection, during WWII, of the people who lived here .. plaque is all in French, but I’m sure I’ve translated it correctly ..

Always seeing the bell towers/church towers, we couldn’t get lost in the maze of narrow streets and tall buildings …

Fascinating !!!

Next post .. an old church we came across in a very small square in Vieux Nice


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