St Paul-de-Vence, Provence/C么te d’Azur # 1

St Paul-de-Vence, Provence/C么te d’Azur # 1

Finally 馃檪 …. we walk inside the ramparts of this medieval hilltop village with it’s narrow winding streets, art galleries and studios.聽 Interesting narrow entrance with cannon mounted .. enemies beware ..

.. and just in聽case the enemy聽missed the cannon fire, the double walled ramparts had slits and holes at the top for arrows ..

.. and if the enemy missed those, hot oil was poured through this, now bricked up, hole in the聽roof of the rampart archway ..

Looking back to the archways of the double ramparts entrance ..

Chapelle des P茅nitents Blancs (16th century) 聽..

Love the post box .. and look at the indents of the frame and door around the keyhole ..

Noticeable on the buildings is where windows and doors used to be, which are now bricked up ..

The Grand Fountain ..

Fascinating art shops and galleries everywhere you look ..

Forgive me .. I’m putting up too many photos .. but I loved this village!!!聽 Around every corner and along every street was fascinating ..聽 (Firefly wanted our France trip in detail 馃檪 so he’s getting it! )

Next post … completing our walk-about through the streets of St Paul-de-Vence

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  1. I’m not complaining. Not at all. I love seeing all the pics. All the stone walls of the houses and castles really give it extra character. So much history contained in these walls. History which is centuries older than that of us.

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