Lunch at the Peach Café

Lunch at the Peach Café

A little diversion from France blogs and pics, I went with my daughter Jeanette, her boys and two friends for lunch to the Peach Café – an amazing place.    A farm experience in the city – well not quite in the city, but jolly close !!

It’s a working peach farm which is open for teas, breakfasts and light lunches from Thurs-Sun.  They have peach picking in peach season .. that would be so much fun!!  Driving through the gate I had to manoevre my car around sheep and cute little lambs and were greeted by gaggle of geese (have always wanted to type that!!)  and their new week old goslings.  Two lambs were born the day before, but were too delicate for us to disturb them

Our lunch was absolutely delicious!!!   We both had pies – Jeanette had chicken and veg and I had just veg .. oh yummy!!  All veg from the farm – I came away with a large bag of fresh farm greens – will serve some tomorrow with hamburgers for my family 🙂

I got so excited seeing the tablecloths !!!  I knew exactly where they were from .. Southern France !!!  I had seen them in most of the shops in Avignon and Arles and would have loved to should have bought one!

‘Goosey Goosey Gander’  was very concerned about the kiddies being too close and kept his beady eye on them .. and me !!  He told his little family to wait until we moved away before they waddled amongst the new-leafed-bursting-with-spring-freshness peach trees

The kiddies got to feed them too …

No .. I didn’t .. I bought a jar from the farm stall, shelves of which are laden with farm products ie jams, marmalade, eggs etc.  We’ll definitely be back – take hubby for a nice brekkie .. or a lunch 😉

Peach Café  (Camdeboo Farm) has a website and they’re on Facebook

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 Of course you should keep up with your blogging – I so look forward to seeing the next place you visited and your photographs are amazing! I just love the look of Peach Farm and am going to make an all out effort to go and visit there. It looks really lovely – just adore that teapot!

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