Arles, Provence # 2

Arles, Provence # 2

Let’s continue our walk-about through a very small part of Arles before catching the bus again … as I think I’ve mentioned before, there are lots of dogs, of all shapes and sizes, on leads with their owners, whether in small towns or major cities .. one thing that disturbed us was watching them cocking their legs against buildings on pavements

NB : there are those gorgeous tablecloths again .. !!!!

The Roman Theatre was once a fortress … today it stages events and the Arles Festival.  They were setting up a sound system for a forthcoming event ..

The remaining columns are called the “two widows”

There again .. I found it odd that these precious century old stones should be preserved, as is the case in Bath, in England

Most delicious baguettes for lunch !!

This chappie’s bicycle is laden and his dog has a cute saddle bag too !

The dog was not too happy with these musicians ..

Au revoir to Arles … back on the road again .. to Carcassonne


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