Carcassonne, Southern France # 2

Carcassonne, Southern France # 2

Holding thumbs my downloading goes smoothly with … drum role … .. .. .. .. Carcassonne continued ..

Entrance to the Chateau … a fortress within a fortress, the chateau has a moat, five towers and defensive wooden galleries on the walls ..

Our local tour guide explaining the whole set up but … here is that word again .. unfortunately .. we were too late to enter 🙁    the gates were about to close ..

Hubby and I walked in but were told by the gatekeeper to leave …  síl vous plais !!

🙁  I was looking forward to crossing the stone bridge over the old moat, now planted with veges and wandering around inside the Chateau ..

Ah well, never mind … back to the city .. there are 100 or so residents and several hotels within the city walls ..

I was rather tempted to get this for the two grandsons – a 3D puzzle …

All boys love a good game of sword fighting !!!

.. and would have loved to have tucked one of these in my suitcase .. genuine French vines !!!!

There are a couple of wells in the city .. note the little boy playing with his sword 🙂

There a several wells .. this one is called  ‘The Great Well”  ..

Au revoir to fairytale land .. we were tired and in need of a good glass of wine for me and beer for hubby back at the hotel ..

It was a gorgeous evening as we gathered to relax in the gardens of the Mercure Porte de la Cité Hotel, the sun still bright and hot ..

Beautiful pink oleanders again …

Apparently the old olive trees are being cut back leaving the thick old trunks, like this one in the garden, taken out and sold to nurseries – very expensively!  Replanted, they then sprout like this one.   It’s supposed to be the ‘in thing’ to have in your garden or pots

What’s a blog post about France without food? !!   Dinner in the hotel .. my starter that night was a yummy pear and walnut salad with the customary baguette.  Cannot recall the meat but I think it was parma ham ..  I do recall it being delicious !

Pud (dessert) was a chocolate fondant with berry ice cream …. mm mm mm !!

Sunrise the next morning .. up bright and early on Day 6 ..

I took the opportunity to dash around the gardens while our luggage was being loaded onto the bus  ..

Forgive me  .. I loved this wing of the hotel .. so very French and pretty 🙂

Onward towards the Pyrenees to St Bernadette’s  grotto at Lourdes, a holy site of pilgrimage then onto Biarritz and the Atlantic Ocean


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