Le Petit Train de la Rhune, Basque Country

Le Petit Train de la Rhune, Basque Country

Day 7 :¬† up bright and early .. we were, not the sun ūüôĀ¬†¬†.. ¬†cloudy and grey¬† … we made our way towards the Basque Mountain, La Rhune ..

” Most of Basque country is in Spain, but around 10% lies within France.¬† The Basque people have their own complex language, and their music, games and folklore are equally distinct.¬† French Basques are less fiercely separatist than their Spanish counterparts, but both are still deeply attached to their unique way of life.”¬† Spanish influence can be seen in the¬†buildings and homes .. white with red roofs and shutters

905 m summit of La Rhune is on the border of France and Spain, from where you can see, weather permitting!!!! , peaks of the Pyrénées, Basque coast bordering the Atlantic Ocean from San Sebastian to Biarritz and on to the beaches of Les Landes.

We were on an excursion to catch¬†the ‘petit train’, a¬†metre gauge cogwheel railway, operating speed of 9 km/h (5.6mph) which takes 30 minutes up a 4.2 km track up the mountain.¬† It’s one of only three cogwheel trains in France and was opened for use in 1924 ..

Two delightful wooden carriages with wooden benches, red and white striped curtains, hold 60 passengers each  !!!    All aboard !!!

A whistle blows and off we go ….

Wild pottock ponies roam the mountainsides and moorlands ..

A very relaxing slow journey up the mountain, gave us time to soak in the views and the flora ..

We came across a number of hikers …

Railway line way down below cuts a groove in the mountainside ..

At the top of La Rhune ..

It was freezing up there with the wind swirling the clouds around¬† .. we were eventually engulfed in the clouds .. next post ūüôā¬†¬†..¬†¬† and then we had hot chocolate in the caf√© .. mm mm yummm!!

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