How the music has changed in my car

How the music has changed in my car

A slight diversion from France ….

I’ve always had music in the car while carrying Bradley and Connor in my car .. sometimes local stations .. but mainly CD’s.  When they were both babies I tuned into the classical music station.  As they got older simple nursery rhymes were played, then came more complex nursery rhymes, then many CD’s of animal songs and children’s songs.   They are all in a CD folder in the car for ease of choice for them.

Boredom was setting in with the monotony of them all … (I echo the boredom part and try and sneek in one of my CD’s, only to have it promptly whipped out and swopped)    Their music selection is now updated with a new CD I purchased today ‘the very best of Disney Channel Vol 2’ .. it seems they don’t have Vol 1 at home so shall look for that one to add to the collection, as well as teen songsters they’ve now told me are ‘cool’ !!   I still have CD’s, probably behind the times now.. I am a Granny after all and  I have no idea how ipods etc work – I know you have ‘plug them in’  “it’s easy”  they all say .. give me a CD .. that’s easy !

Back to France .. and the mountain top of La Rhune 🙂


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