La Rhune, Basque Country .. on the summit !

La Rhune, Basque Country .. on the summit !

Continuing from yesterday’s post .. we are now on top – 905 m up .. on the summit of La Rhune .. and it was freezing .. cloudy .. windy .. fine drizzle

It was breathtaking !!   Spain on the one side  ..

.. France on the other ..


Restaurant was warm and cosy  …

Steaming thick hot chocolate to warm us up from the inside .. delicious !!

Pretty goodies for sale …butterflies and beautiful Spanish fans, (should have bought a fan – regretfully didn’t !) ..

I don’t think all the embroidery items were handmade but they’re pretty anyway ..

Would have loved one of these walking sticks for our collection ..

Eerie, mystical mountain top !

One foot in Spain .. the other in France !!


Le petit train awaits for our descent ..



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