Le Petit Train de la Rhune .. going down

Le Petit Train de la Rhune .. going down

The conductor’s whistle blows .. the downward 4.2 km journey begins .. s-l-o-w-l-y !!

Love the wooden benches with turned legs ..

In the mist ..  a hiker and his labrador ..

Hmm, interesting .. another ‘le petit train’ was coming up the mountain .. ON THE SAME TRACK !!

.. then we saw a small section of double track  ..

Never a dull moment … we passed a hiker .. or did he pass us ? !

As we reached the double track, the other ‘le petit train’ was waiting for us .. and then we all sat still .. like bulls huffing and puffing, scraping feet, ready to charge ..

It turns out this is where a change-over of staff occurs ..

Zoomed in to a village in the valley below ..

Back to the station

Cross over the bridge to the bus, pausing to take a quick pic of some ducks .. onward to St Jean-de-Luz for a walk-about ..

.. next post 🙂

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