Bordeaux, Aquitane, Southwest France

Bordeaux, Aquitane, Southwest France

Wine country!!  .. and brandy – from the region around Cognac, north of Bordeaux.  “Bordeaux, built on the River Garonne is the world’s major wine industry capital.  Bordeaux wines have been produced in the region since the 8th century and the annual wine fair held in the city attracts buyers from all over the world.”

Still Day 7 .. remember ?!  Arrived in Bordeaux in the late afternoon, sadly not much time in the city, even though we were staying at the hotel for two nights.  What does one do in the city of ‘wines’ ?.. drink wine !!  But before then, we went ‘walk-about’ with Mark for a short while, while our luggage went ahead to our hotel – everything worked like clockwork on the tour – bags always in rooms when we get to the next destination .. wonderful!!

From the bus before we parked … a huge flat water fountain, in which people were walking and kiddies were playing,  in front of the Place de la Bourse with the River Garonne beyond ..

We disembarked at the Esplanade des Quinconces, a vast space of tree-lined esplanades with statues and fountains created in 1827-58 replacing the 15th century Château de Trompette.  There was a regional BMX competition going on at the time

Monument aux Girondins (1804-1902) commemorates the Girondins sent to the guillotine (1793-5) by Robespierre during the French Revolution.    The Girondins controlled the Legislative Assembly and the National Convention during the Revolution, campaigning for the end of the monarchy but then resisted the spiraling momentum of the Revolution ..

It’s a magnificent monument ..

Walking in the ‘old part’ of the city .. the “noble 18th century centre” ..

The five star Regent Grand Hotel, Place de la Comedie ..

The Grand Theatre (1773-80), Pl de la Comedie, masterpiece of the Classical style, crowned by the 9 statues of the muses ..

Down a narrow street towards Eglise Notre Dame ..

Eglise Notre Dame built 1684-1707 ..

A wedding ceremony was being conducted but they let us in to take a quick pic from the back..

Old Citroen … wedding car perhaps ?

Following Mark to see the statue of Francisco José de Goya who died in Bordeaux in 1828 ..

Francisco José de Goya – Spanish romantic painter and printmaker regarded as the last of the Old Masters and the first of the moderns.  In his latter years he was well known for his ‘Black Paintings’ ..

Embittered by the cruelty of the Napoleonic Wars in spane, Goya decorated his house outside Madrid with a series of 14 terrifying murals “that depicted the underbelly of life and the remorselessness of the human existence”.   “This series of murals is recognised as one of Goya’s greatest masterpieces and now hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid”.

Next to the Eglise Notre Dame is this shopping mall (I cannot remember what Mark about it and I can’t find it anywhere in my research).  I think he said it used to be a narrow street, now covered and links two streets ..

Exclusive shops and cafés along here, including ‘Baby Dior’ ..

Out onto street again, round the corner to Place de la Comédie again and face to face with yet another chocolate shop – Maison George Larnicol  (Chocolaterie Biscuiterie Larnicol MOF)  .. had to go in, to browse .. very tempting to buy!!  Everything is made of chocolate … Didn’t want to get shooed out while taking pics, so took these from the outside, thro’  the window ..

.. and on that sweet froggie note I shall end, continuing with Bordeaux  # 2 .. next post 🙂


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