Bordeaux, Aquitaine, Southwest France # 2

Bordeaux, Aquitaine, Southwest France # 2

.. and there we were, with our new NZ friends, sitting at a café having ordered a good bottle of Bordeaux wine, at the Place de la Comédie, with the Regent Grand Hotel on one side, the Grand Theatre on the other, and the vast place cross-crossed with tramlines and people .. a pinch-yourself moment !!!

Sipping wine in Bordeaux 🙂 !!  .. santé to fabulous holidays and new friends ..

We hadn’t tasted a really good French wine yet … this was divine!!  It cost us a lot, especially for an afternoon at a café with no food …. one needs a good bottle of red/or white to go with a tasty plate of food !   The cost was 48 euros – rather costly for us when we convert to Rands, but …  it was worth it .. yummm  !!   Link to the vineyard established in 1850 is here

It was really interesting watching the ‘French’ world go by 🙂

A living statue.  This busker was very good .. we couldn’t work out which man was real at first ..

I had to have a closer look ..

Neptune was good but not as good as ‘clay men man’ …

… and then the heavens opened !!!  We dashed indoors to finish our wine and watched with interest to see what the man would do how the living statue would dissolve !!!!!!

He didn’t dissolve away .. !!   He walked away !!

I don’t know where all these people were when it poured with rain, a short sharp shower !

Tree-lined esplanades ..

The quais, make a beautiful walk along the River Garonne ..

Basilique St-Michel – it took 200 years to build, begun in 1350.  Free standing belfry built in 1472-92 is the tallest in southern France – 114m

This part of walk along the Garonne is called Quai Louis XVIII

Entrance pillars to the Esplanade des Quinconces, where a regional BMX competition was being held ..

Further along some sort of parade was about to start .. we were now on the bus on our way to our hotel for 2 sleep-overs

A group fo veterans were also participating in the parade ..

Hotel : Pullman Aquitania .. is situated quite far out of town, or seemed like it was, (maybe it was that delicious wine!)  and passed the U-boat bunkers I featured in a ‘quick pic’ post a while ago.  A glass of champagne .. a perfect way to end a perfect day !!

Must add here, dinner was also served with a very good Bordeaux red ..

Starters – Foie gras with goodies in it .. can’t remember what though – (mental note to self .. write down what we eat on a tour!!!!)   Delishhh!!

I’ve said it before but here goes again .. we …  l-o-v-e-d ..  the baguettes.  Always served at all meals and I just loved the way it was served and ate.  No plates used .. broken up and eaten off the table.  I made a comment when we had a silver service dinner at Moulin Rouge and one of our travelling companions, a well educated and such a lovely  ‘worldly’ woman said it was the ‘done thing’ even though it doesn’t seem correct ..

End of another fabulous day in France .. Day 8 next … … … !!  Libourne market and wine tasting in St Émilion

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  1. I love foie gras – much to so many peoples disgust – like veal, some people are a bit sensitive about it! It’s my favourite though and I am imagining it with a fresh, soft bagette! Mmmmmmm – you really had a magic time 🙂 Thank you for sharing all your tales.

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