Libourne, Aquitaine, SW France

Libourne, Aquitaine, SW France

Day 8 of our amazing Trafalgar Tour  around France :  Up bright and early .. on our way to Libourne, then onto St Emilion for a little wine tasting and an amazing walk-about around this 8th century village.

But first Libourne, on the banks of the Dordogne River, dates back to 1270.  The 16th century Town Hall is situated on the main square, Place Abel Surchamp, where every weekend there is one of the largest fresh food markets in the region

Dordogne River ..

Main bridge into Libourne, over the Dordogne River ..  (I was able to take a few photos, after our walk-about, while waiting for a couple of ‘stragglers’ in our group to get make their way to the bus – hence the rain clouds)

Unfortunately, we only had time to visit the market in the main square .. there’s so much more to this town which I would have loved to have seen ..

From the quiet street above .. to the busy street close to the square!!   Spot Mark with the sunglasses and blue shirt making sure his ‘entourage’ is keeping up with him!!!  He was forever counting us!!!

Bundles of trimmings from the vines which people use for firewood for barbeques!   What a good idea .. I wonder if it has a wine aroma !!!

Tomatoes .. amazing quality!!

We bought a small tin of foie gras .. still haven’t opened it yet!

Town Hall in Place Abel Surchamp – a small museum and library inside ..

Centre of the square has stalls of clothing, bags etc ..

Traffic runs as usual, squeezing through people, tables and umbrellas !!

Pretty little confirmation dresses ..

Libourne market is very popular with the locals – I think we were the only tourists there that morning!!  Only seen this now .. the chocolate shop – ‘G’ on the other side!!


Thin slithers of parma ham to taste …. it was delicious !!

I tasted a small Gateau Basque – pistachio one – in St Jean-de-Luz.  The name of those other delectable delights this chappie is selling, escapes me – I tasted one at the hotel, served at breakfast .. was very sweet .. too sweet for my liking ..

Libourne weekend fresh food market continues in next post …..  the markets fascinated me, as we don’t get them here; hence the detail!!  Lots of ooh’s and ahh’s from me, while we walked!!!!  Freshest of fresh produce!!

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